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Attention Summerfield Residents

  • The HOA board has decided it would be in the best interest of all Summerfield residents to make updates/changes to our current by-laws. These by-laws were created quite some time ago and we feel a few of these by-laws are no longer necessary while others need to be updated and/or changed. Therefore, we are asking all residents for their input. Please read the current by-laws which can be viewed by clicking on Covenants then selecting DECLARATION OF COVENANTS AND RESTRICTIONS FOR SUMMERFIELD SUBDIVISION. The by-laws are listed under Article VII, Covenants and Restrictions Relating to Summerfield Subdivison. Once you have read them in their entirety we encourage you to email us at with any changes or updates you feel are beneficial to the Summerfield Subdivision. Please be as specific and/or detailed as possible with the changes you are suggesting. Our objective is and always will be to keep our community a desirable place to live so remember to keep in mind that any suggestions that do not support our mission will not be considered. Once all emails have been reviewed by the board we will update our website with the suggested changes for all residents to view. Before any changes can be made to the by-laws, they will need to be voted on by the residents of Summerfield.

As always if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the HOA either by email, or by phone, (779) 435-2210.


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